My mother's flute

A finely carved wooden flute

musical instrument

My mother, Ariadne, played this flute, given to her by my elven father, to soothe me during our years as slaves of the Zhentarim. As I grew up, she taught me how to play it as well. She finally let me use it all by myself when I told her I wanted to play it for a young elven lady who was kept captive elsewhere in the dungeons. When we escaped, and my mother died, I thought I’d lost it. I was surprised to find it hidden in my sack, with a small makeshift map rolled inside it, a map to her home in Highmoon.

The flute is made of wood and finely carved with twisting vines and tiny songbirds. Some of the detail has been rubbed or broken off throughout the years, but it still plays beautifully. It also bears a small crest, a coiled white dragon, which the wizard Geruth told me is the mark of Clan Whitewyrm of Cormanthor.

I play this flute to remember my mother, to soothe the weary and, one day, to find my father.

My mother's flute

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