The Ballad of Hal Whitewyrm

Chapter IV: 16th of Eleint, Year of the Prince, 1357, Dale Reckoning

In which the hero flies into Zhentil Keep and slays the wizard who killed his mother.

Chapter IV: 16th of Eleint, Year of the Prince, 1357, Dale Reckoning
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Judd’s Favorite Moment:

Its no one thing this time. I enjoyed getting to write about a gathering of Forgotten Realms Deities, that was good fun.

But more than that, I really dig how much Daniel throws himself into it. Not just being excited about the battle with Xerez but that too. When I post about good smells coming up from the inn’s kitchen, he writes about how much he enjoys breakfast. When people start playing music, drinking and dancing, Hal starts singing songs. I like his lust for life and that is what I enjoyed the most this chapter, the way Daniel takes little cues and enjoys experiencing the Forgotten Realms through Hal so damned much.

Daniel’s Favorite Moment:

To have finally achieved one of Hal’s driving goals/Beliefs was just amazing! Due to tradition from level-based games, I was expecting that to be something that would come in the future, but to have had it happen now (for me; for Hal it’s been 15 years in the making), and in the dramatic fashion it happened, with conspiracies and Deities looking down on the events… it will simply stand as one of my favorite gaming moments forever, period.

Beyond that, what I’ve most enjoyed, and it certainly achieved a pinnacle in this chapter, has been Judd’s rampant use of the setting. As a Forgotten Realms junkie, it has been a delight exploring this world through the game. Not one scene goes by where there is no doubt this is Faerun; it’s the little details that make it come truly alive and that’s what has allowed me to dive in so hard I can practically smell Elminster’s pipeweed! This is the Forgotten Realms game I always wanted to play, and the wait since first getting that gray boxed set has been well worth the wait.

More of that, please!

Readers, please feel free to post about your favorite moments in the comments. Thanks again for your comments and tweets. Your readership is immensely flattering and really does contribute a certain somethin’-somethin’ to the game.


Judd Highmoon

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