The Ballad of Hal Whitewyrm

Chapter III: 11th of Eleint, Year of the Prince, 1357, Dale Reckoning

In which our hero hopes to prove innocence and conspire to murder.

Chapter III: 11th of Eleint, Year of the Prince, 1357, Dale Reckoning
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Judd’s Favorite Moment:

I loved writing Reltav and Toad and was sure I was going to make my own post this chapter’s favorite but then Daniel wrote his oath to murder Xerez with the witch and he said:

“I call on the Foehammer, god of Brother Vhelt Marrim who now marches at his side, to guide my sword to strike true and deep upon the flesh of my enemy.”

I love that he referenced Vhelt. Nice stuff.

Daniel’s Favorite Moment:

This is the chapter where basically Every Single Post by Judd pushed Hal’s buttons to the extreme: from the moment when the Orcs show up with a elven prisoner who also has orange eyes, to the delicate and dangerous dance of lies with the Orcs, to the appearance of Reltav which forces Hal to use his treasured tapestry as his ticket out, to Reltav revealing that Xerez was “in love” with Hal’s mother, and culminating with the conspiracy and the Vow of the Seven Powers. It was relentless!

Favorite moment, though, was when Reltav said this:

“[Xerez]’s been getting more ambitious since that slave he was so in love with died and her son ran off.”

I was at work when I read this on my phone and I had to go into the stockroom in the back so I could both stare at it slack-jawed and curse Judd loudly. Fantastic.

Readers, if you have a favorite moment, please feel free to post it in the comments. Thanks for reading, your comments and enthusiasm are very flattering.


Wonderful chapter, there were many tense and fun moments, it’s hard to pick one… but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Judd’s description of the herd of pegasi running free on the fiery clouds of sunset.

Briliant image.


Thanks for saying so. That was my favorite thing to write so far.

I’ve had other GM moments that I have enjoyed more but for sheer writing, that my was favorite.


Agreed, Renato. As I told Judd over Twitter, when I read that scene, flying down to Highmoon atop the foulwing, I felt it clear as day.


Great chapter! How can you pick just one favorite moment. Kudos to Daniel for playing Hal to the hilt and Judd for creating such a strong supporting cast. Part of me wants to know more about the Witch as well as follow Blackhand’s travel with the orcs. Nicely done.


Thanks, JJ. I’m considering tossing Interludes among Chapter IV’s posts saying what is happening with The Hunt and Laelin and the elf boy among the orcs.

Judd Judd